Ruth NG

Tannaz did a great job helping us find the right tenant for our home, a person who would take care and maintain the property as we would ourselves.   Regards, Ruth NG 2011

Mark and Marion

The service and personal attention we received from Tannaz was unexpected.  She is a high-calibre and willing to go the extra step. Her knowledge of the local market and the buildings helped us in our search for our ideal condominium. After patiently going through listings and explaining details with us, she made sure we got the best value for our …

Nikki Nikaiin

“I really enjoyed working with you last summer. Your humble manners and professional approach to resolve the issues were truly comforting. I personally liked the speed of your work, your availability and organization while working on our project. You never left any questions of ours unanswered. In the most efficient way by texting or calling or emailing; you always dealt with matters right on the spot. …

Salar Heidari

“Nice, responsible and well-behaved agent, helped me to find my lovely unit in her first advices.”